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The company has internationally advanced, domestic leading steel wire rope, layered belt, PVC, PVG production line 10

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CGR International has been in the conveyor belting industry for over 12 years with lots of experience, and we are currently one of the top five conveyor belting manufacturers in China. With more than 10 production lines, thousands of meters of all kinds of conveyor belts are produced on a daily base.

CGR People are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, and we apply into practice.

Sales department, engineer department, R&D department, customer care department, domestic department, international department, everyone works at a team player, in order to fulfill our ultimate mission:
To produce the best quality product to maximize customer satisfaction.
2014, CGR International’s new factory presented, which is third times bigger than the current one. There will be four plants in total, and every plant is 300 meter long and 70 meter in width. With the latest and most reasonable design, all new plants start with raw material from one end, and finishes with final products from the other end, which is the best way to maximize efficiency.
According to strategic plan, the new CGR International will become one of the top three conveyor belting  manufacturers in China with more than 20 product lines and over 1,000 employees.