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The company's technology development capability and quality assurance system, advanced testing equipment, and perfect testing methods

Technology Center
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Chenguang Technology Development Centre is responsible for the new product development, technology improvement, and also study and application of new material. The team has 56 specialists in total with 4 senior experts and 24 secondary specialists. The centre contains more than 40 sets of equipment for comprehensive laboratory, physical, safety test and analysis based on different manufacturing and customer requirement.
Raw material examination equipment
6 sets of electrooptic analysis balance, 2 sets of softening point tester, 3 sets of bain-marie, 3 sets of high temperature furnace, and 3 sets of constant temperature drier
Formulation evaluation
2 sets of rubber mixer, 3 sets of vulcanizing pressing machine, 2 sets of cord tensile testing machine, and 2 sets of tension tester.
Processing control
Chenguang allocates monitoring specialists, quality examiner, and qualified technician into every step of the process with portable devices to assure the accuracy and efficiency of every section.
Terminal products testing and examination
3 sets of computerized tension tester, alcohol blaster tester, megohmmeter, drum friction test system, abrasiveness tester, simulated underground propane burning test system
The ISO9001 standard is the business bible for Chenguang. From management model to manufacturing arrangement; from quality control to service; from purchasing of raw material to packing and delivery of finished products, Chenguang strictly follows the direction of ISO9000: 2008 to ensure the quality of our products and services.
Inspection standards
MT668-2008, MT914-2008, GB/T984-2001

Production Capacity
PVG flame resistant conveyor belt: 1,000,000m2 PVC flame resistant conveyor belt: 1,500,000m2 Steel cord conveyor belt: 2,800,000m2 Multi-ply conveyor belt: 500,000m2