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Shandong Aneng received 200 million US dollars investment from Carlyle

Shandong Aneng received 200 million US dollars investment from Carlyle

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On the morning of July 18, Huaqin Rubber Industry Group, Carlyle Group of the United States and Goodyear Group of the United States signed a contract to jointly invest in Shandong Aneng Conveyor Belt Rubber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shandong Aneng”). 200 million US dollars. This investment will help Shandong Aneng to enter the production of top-grade high-pressure hoses.
Shandong Aneng is a joint venture between Huaqin Group and Carlyle Group and Goodyear Group in 2007. It has an investment of 300 million US dollars and has 24 large conveyor belt production lines with an annual production capacity of 40 million square meters. Conveyor belt manufacturing companies. It is understood that the Shandong Aneng high-pressure hose project has a planned production capacity of 100 million standard meters and a total investment of 200 million US dollars; the first phase is 50 million standard meters and the investment is 120 million US dollars. The high-pressure hose project will be completed and put into operation in early 2011. After the production, the company can increase sales income by 2 billion yuan and increase profits and taxes by 500 million yuan.
Huaqin, Carlyle and Goodyear once again joined forces to build China's high-pressure hose leader
High-pressure hose is an important component of high-pressure liquid transportation and hydraulic power transmission. It has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and toughness. It can be widely used in coal, petroleum, engineering machinery, military, metallurgy, steel, automobile and other fields. At present, the market demand for rubber hoses in China is close to 10 billion yuan, and it is increasing at an annual rate of more than 10%.
The Carlyle Group (also translated as Carlisle Group) was founded in 1987. The company is headquartered in Washington, DC. It is known as the "Presidential Club". It has deep political resources and manages assets of more than 30 billion US dollars. It is the world's largest private equity. One of the investment funds. Carlyle is also one of the private equity groups that entered the Chinese market earlier. So far, it has carried out about 50 investments with a total equity expenditure of 2.5 billion US dollars, making it the largest foreign private equity group in China.